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DIY Pulse Oximeter – Open Electronics

By on July 30, 2022

The oximeter is a software that lets you calculate the proportion of oxygen saturation within the blood primarily based on the quantity of sunshine absorbed. It consists of a photodiode and two LEDs: a pink LED and an infrared LED. To make the measurements, the fingertip is positioned between the photodiode and the LEDs as proven within the following picture. Oxygenated blood absorbs extra infrared gentle whereas deoxygenated blood absorbs extra pink gentle. The processor calculates the ratio between the pink gentle acquired by the photodiode and the infrared gentle over completely different time intervals.

On this undertaking we see how you can make this instrument ranging from its primary elements, that’s 2 LEDs and the photodetector. We linked the elements as proven within the wiring diagram beneath. We used an Arduino Professional Mini as a microcontroller and an OLED show to view the info. A 9 Volt battery will energy the circuit.

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