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How A lot Do Photo voltaic Water Heaters Value In The U.S.?

Whether or not you’re pondering of heating your pool or changing your geyser, you’ve in all probability puzzled about the price of a photo voltaic water heater.

These water heaters assist scale back your carbon footprint by lowering your month-to-month electrical energy invoice. Actually, you will discover your self reaping month-to-month financial savings of fifty% to 80%

Nonetheless, like every little thing on this world, these techniques come at a worth. 

So what are you able to count on to pay for one among these heaters? What components affect their value? And the way a lot is set up?

This text solutions these questions and extra.


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What Elements Have an effect on Photo voltaic Water Heater Value?

Tanked solar water heaters come in different sizes and installations
Tanked photo voltaic water heaters come in numerous sizes and installations
Supply: Shutterstock

Pinpointing the precise value of a photo voltaic water heater is difficult as there’s no definitive reply. Nonetheless, you’re between $800 and $2,800, relying on the next components:

  • Variety of photo voltaic panels being put in and their dimension;
  • Water storage tank dimension;
  • Doable further plumbing necessities;
  • Switches and {hardware} required to put in the system;
  • Labor value;
  • Required permits and their value; and
  • Value to take away the previous system.

Contemplate all these components whereas figuring out the kind of system you’d like to put in. Moreover, don’t underestimate how a lot a few of these variables will value.

Moreover, be cautious of going the DIY route. Many householders consider they will do that as a substitute of hiring skilled labor. There might be unexpected problems with switches, {hardware}, and plumbing, so it’s greatest to depart this job to the professionals.

How Does Measurement Impact Photo voltaic Water Heater Value?

A easy system shall be extra reasonably priced, whereas a extra in depth one would require vital funding. 

Finally, your system’s dimension will rely in your water demand and the photo voltaic water heater’s vitality effectivity.

Figuring out The Power Effectivity Of A Photo voltaic Water Heater

You will want to make use of the photo voltaic vitality issue (SEF) and a photo voltaic fraction (SF) to find out your photo voltaic water heater’s effectivity degree. 

  • Photo voltaic Power Issue (SEF): the vitality delivered by a system divided by its electrical enter. The upper the issue, the extra environment friendly the system shall be. Widespread components are between 2 and three.
  • Photo voltaic Fraction (SF): the overall standard sizzling water heating load (delivered vitality and tank standby losses). The upper the photo voltaic fraction, the extra vital the photo voltaic contribution. Photo voltaic fraction varies from 0 to 1.0.

Please notice: preserve these two variables in thoughts. You’ll discover ways to use them to find out the price of your photo voltaic water heater within the sections to return.

The Measurement Of Your Residence

One of many major components you should account for is the scale of your private home.

Basically dialog, we frequently measure a home by what number of rooms it has. Nonetheless, it’s greatest to make use of the variety of occupants or sq. toes when calculating your water necessities.

The quantity of sizzling water you devour is dependent upon your loved ones’s water utilization habits. Do you are inclined to take extra baths or longer showers? If that’s the case, you’ll want a extra in depth photo voltaic water heater system.

For reference functions, in 2022, the common American house is 6,150 sq. toes and has a household of three residing in it

If we proceed to work with averages, this family will use 64.3 gallons each day. That’s equal to 12.03 kWh per day.

Use our photo voltaic calculator to dimension your private home’s system.

How A lot Do Photo voltaic Water Heaters Value?

Figuring out the price of a photo voltaic water heater is a matter of market analysis. It is dependent upon location, state-offered rebates, and required effectivity ranges. Moreover, it is dependent upon the scale of your private home.

An individual makes use of a mean of 101.5 gallons of water per day, of which 22.5 gallons is sizzling water. Utilizing this, you may rapidly gauge your excellent tank dimension. 

As all the time, around the quantity up; no person desires to expire of sizzling water throughout a bathe.

Photo voltaic Water Heater Prices/Gallon

Tank Measurement Individuals Tank Solely Tank With Warmth Alternate
50 Gallon 1 particular person $800 – $1,500 $1,200 – $2,300
80 Gallon 2 individuals $1,000 – $1,600 $1,400 – $2,700
120 Gallon 5 individuals $1200 – $2100 $1,750 – $2,800
A desk displaying the completely different prices for various photo voltaic water heater sizes

All costs are based mostly on this supply from homeguide.com. Nonetheless, for extra correct estimates, discovering a neighborhood installer or ironmongery shop could be greatest.

Calculation (Value Per Individual)

Time to delve into the nitty-gritty. We’ve already mentioned the components influencing the price of a photo voltaic water heater. However how do you exit the calculations?

It’s fairly easy to plan a calculation that may be tailored to all household sizes. To do that, we’ll calculate the common value per gallon of a photo voltaic water heater. We are able to then calculate what number of gallons of sizzling water your private home makes use of and the value.

We all know that the common particular person makes use of 22.5 gallons of sizzling water each day. So for the common family of three, that’s 67.5 gallons.

We are able to use the above desk to calculate that the common photo voltaic water heater prices $47 per gallon. Nonetheless, the price per gallon is closely influenced by the tank dimension. For instance, a 120-gallon tank is cheaper per gallon than a 50-gallon tank.

For a Household of Three

Value Per Individual = (individuals) x (gallons per particular person) x (value per gallon of 80 gallon tank)
(3) x (22.5) x (23.13)
= $3,172.50

For a Household of 5

Value Per Individual = (individuals) x (gallons per particular person) x (value per gallon of 120 gallon tank)
(5) x (22.5) x (16.66)
= $1,874.25

For a Single Individual

Value Per Individual = (individuals) x (gallons per particular person) x (value per gallon of fifty gallon tank)
(1) x (22.5) x (31)
= $697.50

One thing fascinating to notice is {that a} photo voltaic water heater for a household for 3 is the costliest possibility. It is because the value consists of set up charges that are the identical for a bigger 120-gallon tank.

How A lot Do Photo voltaic Water Heaters Value To Set up?

Hiring a professional to install your solar water heater system is best.
Hiring an expert to put in your photo voltaic water heater system is greatest.
Supply: cat.org.uk

The common set up value is $100/ft2 ($1000/m2). Nonetheless, collector sort, system configuration, and the native market can affect this worth.
As such, installers cost between $50/ft2 and $424/ft2.

The common-sized house we’ve been working with would have two photo voltaic collectors for an space between 64 and 80 sq. toes. That’s $800 on prime of the photo voltaic water heater value of $2,100.

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How A lot Can Photo voltaic Water Heaters Save You?

How a lot cash you save is dependent upon the next:

  • Family dimension and water utilization;
  • Collector sort and system efficiency;
  • Geographic Location;
  • Rebates, incentives, and tax credit; and
  • Standard gasoline costs.

In accordance with the Division of Power, it’s best to save between 50% to 80% in your water heating prices. 

Let’s use our 3-person family instance to hold out our calculations.

Calculate The Standard Annual Working Value

To find out how a lot a photo voltaic water heater can prevent yearly, you’ll want to determine the price of a standard water heater. 

There are two methods to go about this: 

  • You possibly can confer with your electrical invoice to see your present spending. 
  • Alternatively, in case you’re constructing a brand new house, use the calculations on this part. 

Day by day Water Heating Power

You’ll have to know your standard water heater’s effectivity earlier than you proceed. 

The effectivity is the Uniform Power Issue (UEF). That is the quantity of sizzling water produced per unit of vitality consumed. The upper the UEF, the extra environment friendly your water heater is. 

For electrical water heaters, the UEF is all the time 1.0 as all of the vitality is used and transferred into the water.

Now you may calculate how a lot vitality you utilize each day to warmth your water.

Day by day water heating vitality = (gallons of sizzling water per day) x (8.35 lols/gallon) x (1 however/lbs/F) x (Sizzling water temp – chilly water temp)

In our examples, we’ll use a sizzling water temperature of 135ºF and a chilly water temperature of 58ºF. These are the identical temperatures that the DOE makes use of of their testings.

Day by day water heating vitality = (64.3) x (8.35 lols/gallon) x (1 however/lbs/F) x (135ºF – 58ºF)
= 0.413 therms/day

To transform therms to kWh, you multiply the unit by 29.3001. Subsequently, 0.413 therms equal 12.1 kWh per day of electrical energy. Thus, for a household of three, you’ll want a photo voltaic system that may produce 12.1 kWh each day.

Annual Value of Electrical Auxiliary Tank

Subsequent, you should calculate the price of vitality that the tank consumes. That is easy— all you’re doing is multiplying the electrical energy value by the each day kilowatts used.

In 2022, the common electrical energy worth was $0.144/kWh. Utilizing this, we will calculate:

Annual water heating value = (12 months/yr) x Day by day Water Heating Power / (1.0) x $0.144
Annual water heating value = $635.97

Evaluating Prices And Figuring out Payback For A Photo voltaic Water Heating System

Lastly, you should calculate what number of kWh you’ll save and if the photo voltaic water heater is price the price. Use the UEF and the photo voltaic vitality issue (SEF) to calculate the annual photo voltaic vitality financial savings. Typical values for the SEF fall between 2 and three; thus, we’ll use 2.5 in our calculation.

Annual Photo voltaic Power Financial savings = (12.03kWh/day) x 365 ((1/1.0) – (1/2.5))

So for a photo voltaic system with a 2.5 SEF and 1.0 UEF:

Annual Photo voltaic Power Financial savings = (12.03kWh/day) x 365 ((1/1.0) – (1/2.5)) = 2635 kWh/yr

Annual Photo voltaic Prices Financial savings: 2634 kWh x $0.144 = $379.29 saved.

Payback Interval

Lastly, and that is largely for extra data, you may calculate how lengthy the payback interval shall be. To do that, use the next calculation:

Payback interval (years) = (preliminary value $)/(Annual value financial savings $/yr)

When in comparison with our instance:

Payback interval (years) = (tank value + set up value)/(Annual value financial savings/yr)
= (2,100 + 800)/(379.29)

Payback interval = 7.6 years

Are There Rebates Obtainable For Photo voltaic Water Heaters?

Solar water heaters can be installed on the slope of your roof or propped up by a stand
Photo voltaic water heaters might be put in on the slope of your roof or propped up by a stand.
Supply: Treehugger

Many U.S. states supply tax credit, rebates, and incentives that may scale back the price of your photo voltaic water heater. Nonetheless, laws is about to alter, so now’s the perfect time to make a purchase order.

If you buy your photo voltaic water heater earlier than 2023, you’re eligible for a 26% Renewable Power Tax Credit score; nevertheless, in case you set up your system in 2023 or after, the tax credit score proportion falls to 22%.

As well as, varied states supply further tax credit and rebates of $1,000 to $5,000. Nonetheless, your photo voltaic water heater should meet the next necessities:

  • Licensed by the Photo voltaic Score and Certification Company (SRCC)
  • Put in within the home-owner’s residence, not an income-generating property
  • Used for water within the house, not in a swimming pool or sizzling tub

To seek out tax incentives and rebates in your state, go to energystar.gov or the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Effectivity.

Closing Ideas

We all know that in direction of the tip of the article, issues turned a little bit sophisticated, however we hope you had been capable of observe alongside. 

As a last reminder, the tax rebate proportion will fall to 22% by the tip of the yr. So, in case you’re planning on putting in a photo voltaic water heater, now’s the time.

What are your ideas on the rebate proportion falling? Will you be putting in a photo voltaic water heater whatever the value? Tell us within the feedback part beneath or be part of the dialog on Twitter.



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